Monday, September 29, 2008

Scratch that last post...

People who encourage voting conservative piss me off more :( Sometimes I think there should really be IQ requirements for voting...

Friday, September 26, 2008

People who won't vote piss me off.

I'm sitting on the CFUR couch listening to some guy rant about how he's exercising his democratic right by not voting. He claims hating every party as his excuse. If every asshole who told me they weren't voting would vote against Harper maybe his stupid arts funding cuts WOULDN'T happen. I'm so choked about that. Enough people are stupid enough to either a) vote FOR him or b) NOT vote at all? No wonder North American politics are such a joke. If there two conservative figure heads in power by the end of this year, I will have pretty much lost all faith in this continent. Harper will stop giving artists funding, Sarah Palin will ban homosexuality and abortions and make every woman wear make up, compete in beauty pageants, and shoot fully automatic assault rifles in bikinis, and I'll probably resort to complete hermitude or leave.
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