Thursday, May 31, 2007

They're just jealous 'cause we're young and in love...

So practically as soon as I got home from Victoria, I had to pack my things in preperation for another journey down south. This time, Chantal and I drove down to see Brand New and Anathallo play. The results? A great drive, getting yelled at by Charles Manson's twin brother, a great concert, a lot of sweat, and a lot of fun.

Also, these:

On the drive down, Chantal and I were making ridiculously good time, so we took a break at the Alexandria Bridge, and went adventuring. We got to Vancouver at around 4 pm, so I decided we should go down town, and went into a music shop that was supposed to carry electric cellos.

After being horribly dissapointed at their staff (they couldn't figure out that it needed batteries to function, and when they DID figure that out, it took them like half an hour to realise the battery terminals were corroded and wouldn't work, even though I spent the entire time explaining it to them) and their lack of selection of electric cellos (they only had one and it was crappy and wouldn't work) we made our exit, and tried to find out way to the place we were staying at.

Somehow, Tel and I managed to not get lost at all while we were in Vancouver, due to Tel's gentle nature, and my keen sense of direction. So, we managed to find out way to Diondra's cousin's house, without even using maps or asking scary people on the street for directions.

We got to our temporary place of residence, just off of Main St, and went for a little walk. On this walk, we passed by some interesting sights:


Infront of a Barber Shop:


Amusing name?

I was also accosted by a Charles Manson look alike who saw us laughing at his resemblence to Charles Manson. He turned to me and spoke:


In response, we fled.

The day after that, Marcy arrived, and we adventured with here, and Japandrew. For some reason I took few pictures on this adventure save for these:

More belt buckles for Josh again:

Also, these:

These particular pictures are from a tattoo/piecing parlour on Granville (I think, I can't remember for sure) They had a lot of interesting artwork, so I took some pictures for Tess.

After that, we arrived at the concert about an hour early, and heard them soundchecking Luca. It was wonderful. The show was spectacular, and afterwards, Chantal, Marcy, Michelle, Nate, and I all went out for pizza!

Tel and I drove home the next morning. We wound up taking the scenic route, because I got disoriented downtown, and wound up heading towards to Stanley Park. At that point I was too lazy to turn around, and we drove home through Pemberton. It was beautiful.


so my trip to Victoria was one of whirlwinds and fun. I left at around 9 in the morning, drove the all the way to Cache Creek without stopping, and then all the way to the ferry without break.

It was nice driving alone. At first I was a bit lonely, and spent the whole time remembering things that had happened on that road on previous trips with other people, but I soon just spent all my time just thinking in general. It was nice having that much time to think by myself.

I also smoked a lot. I had a system where I'd start feeling tired, so I'd smoke a cigarette, the I'd feel gross so I'd chew some bubble gum, but it'd soon lose flavour so I'd spit it out, then I'd feel tired again so I'd grab a can kind of see where this is going. Don't worry, Josh gave me shit when I got home, and I don't really like smoking anyway...

But enough of that!! On to pictures!!

The Drive

My Steed:

Inside my steed?

A view from my steed:

Socials 10?

The ocean:

The ferry ride:

It was so incredibly nice to be near the ocean again, I can't even explain it. I didn't realise how much I missed it til I saw it again. The ferry ride was perfect.

The thing about ferries, is it's hard to smoke on the viewing deck, but it's the only place you're allowed to smoke. I felt really awkward, because the only place I could get enough shelter to light a match in, was a small nook with a window to the cafeteria. So people inside, who were smart and eating and not smoking would see me awkwardly holding my jacket collar up, feebly trying to light a match without it blowing out or catching my hair on fire. But it was nice aside from that. As the pictures can attest, it was a beautiful sunset on the boat.

Once I got off the ferry, I got really disoriented and took about an hour to get to Marcy's house, even though it should have taken maybe 20 minutes. After a lot of guidance on Marcy's part, and a lot of me taking wrong turns because roads in Victoria miraculously change names at random, I arrived in one peice. I enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by Marcy's Dad's friend, and then drifted off to sleep, without a care in the world...
...except my looming audition...

But enough of that! More pictures!

Fun with friends:

(Marcy <3)

Alycia and I..!

Again with Alycia and I...she has the perfect pose for any picture:

Things I thought looked cool:

Me trapped in a fishbowl?

For Josh:

Best street sign EVER!!

The Sunset

The evening:

Moss Rock:

Marcy's friend:

My illegal beach fire:

The last night in Victoria was wonderful. Marcy and I bought some Thai food, sat on a beach, and watched the sunset while we ate dinner. Then we picked up her friend Greg, drove to some pointe, and built a fire. It was wonderful and pretty. My audition being the next morning at 10, I woke up at 6, drove to the ferry port and went home. On the drive home, I ran into Michala at Chache Creek, and drove her the rest of the way home. I was then going to collapse asleep at home, but I stopped at Josh's house to give him some sheesha that I'd bought. He coaxed me into staying til around 1, and then I drove home and thought I was going to die I was so tired. I slept good that night. It was a fun trip.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

They said 'You'd better look alive...'

SUMMER!!!!! I'm so excited right now it's not even funny. Being outside in the sunshine is the best feeling in the world that I managed to completely forgot about somehow. Recording is also fun. So are bicycles, not paying for coffee, and baking pies during rain storms. I feel like I've really neglected this weblog the last month or two, so hopefully very soon I'll post a large entry on Victoria-Audition/Vancouver-Brand New adventures. They'll have lots of pictures. Also, pie adventure pictures. I love having a digital camera, I can't beleive I went so long without one.

So in my desperation at how much fuel costs, I've started riding my bike as much as I can. I rode it to one of my guitar lessons today. They seemed horrified for my well being when they noticed I had a bike at their door. I like bike riding though. I really missed being more active. The winter made me a weakling. Last summer, I was so much physically stronger than I am now. I don't even want to attempt running half as far as I was able to, or doing push ups? Yeah right. I tried about a month ago, and I did them for four days. By day four I psyched myself up enough that I could do like 30 in a set, and then I felt accomplished and stopped trying after that.

Been doing lots of walking too though. Pretty much walk the same circuit every day, from Josh's house to Starbucks/Tim Hortons/Booster Juice/whereever happens to be open when we go walking, and back. It's a pretty good distance I guess. Nice to pound the pavement again.

Also good to be recording again. Next week we have a show, we should have an album out before the summer really gets rolling, and we are in the midst of planning a tour. Life is good. I guess.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Salvador Dali on

Pure gold. You can thank Chris for showing me this.

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