Monday, October 30, 2006

For the sake of safety...

...I have to find something to be unhappy about. Tess is right. It's bad karma to be elated.


....I'm mad I still haven't seen the first episode of Heroes. I've managed to catch up on every episode from 2-present, but I still haven't seen the first one.

But for anyone following the show, my friend Marcy stumbled upon this.

That's right. Hiro has a blog...!! k001!!!!!

Yeah......I'll show myself out...

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Good to go....!

I've been in an suspiciously good mood the last few days. And without the aid of drugs or alcohol either. Just good clean sleep deprivation and shows that go off without a hitch, and then catching up on sleep.

I managed to almost completely beat this flu just in time for the show on Saturday. The show was a huge success too. It went so well that I'm still half dazed by it. It actually made money. And not just pocket change. It made cold hard cash. Cold. Hard. Cash. We're talking 3 figures. IMPRESSIVE!!!

Also, I may have been dazed due to the confusion induced by waking up to the sound of crazy romanian gypsy techno, in a strange room, staring at a picture of Keith Richards in a recording studio getting superimposed by a bottle of smirnoff. It was a pretty memorable way to start a morning, but confusing none the less.


So, in short, things are looking up. I just have a really good feeling about everything, optamistic even, which is incredibly out of character, I know. But I'll knock on wood just to be sure....but for now, I have to go write lyrics.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

O, brother can you spare sunshine for a brother, Old Man Winters in the air.

Today I drank a lemony-vodka and tonic beverage while watching "Fame" on an empty stomach. It made me slightly wonder, is 1:30 in the afternoon too early to be cracking out the hard liqour? That sense of wonder quickly passed.

It, for some reason, reminded me of that time I was drinking with Tess and a random slew of others about a year ago, and I woke up in Colin's basement with a hangover. I walked upstairs to find Steve Demons and Colin gleefully yelling at eachother, and then deciding to watch "Fubar". They refused to watch it sober, so they went to the liqour store to buy more booze. It was 11:00 am. Then me and Tess left, and ate nachos and played super nintendo.

In lieu of that, I decided that I'm pretty sure I'm doing okay. Plus the tonic mix wasn't even my idea.

I've been dying of worry this week. There is a performance date quickly approaching (Oct 28th...if you're reading this and you don't already know about it and/or are not going, then wtf?!1/!) Now the thought of performing doesn't worry me in the least. In fact, I'm quite excited to be able to play this show. However, I've been plagued with a sore throat all week, and it's only slightly gotten better. I'll be able to sing, but how well?

Guess we'll see. Apparently citrus flavoured vodka has a benificial effect to sore throats...good to know. Besides, my voice has been feeling better today, so I'll knock on wood and hope for the best.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Oh well, okay.

I have a new problem. It's occupying all of my time, taking me away from friends and family, and causing me to have parinoid delusions of granduer. I've had problems like this before. It started slow, simple card games like solitaire, which lead to freecell, then spider solitaire. After mastering those tasks and writing them off as games reserved for individuals with an intellect on par with that of a simple ape, I went on to minesweeper. I cleared every house record and even put some of Ryan G's times to shame. I finally kicked that habit, but have now been introduced to a new mistress: sudoku.

Now I'd heard of this game before, but never really paid any attention to it. That is until Josh and I spent a solid hour trying to play the puzzle found in the morning's newspaper. We were doing okay until we started making up our own rules and got completely owned by the stupid game. This continued consecutively for three days, in which I made noble attempts at every morning's new sudoku puzzle. Each attempt ended in failure, or me giving up. At that point, it was fine because this method of playing limited my sudoku consumption to whenever I happened to be in Josh's kitchen. It allowed me to pace myself, which was good. Until last night, when I stumbled upon this.

I was up playing this til 4 am. I was offored a night on the town by Tess, and I declined. This was in part to make my mom not worry about me being out all night again (at least thats what I told myself) but in truth, I think it really was because I was in the middle of a fucking epic game that I did wind up winning. I am the MASTER.

Anyway, I'm writing this to let anyone know that if you never hear from me again, it's because of this. I hope everyone's having fun out there. I'll be in my basement....

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I'm usually not the crying type...

....but I found these pictures so insanely funny I actually shed a few's sad.

Here's the story:

This guy in Machester was at a club, and this emo kid started crying. Apparently his girlfriend broke up with him on the dancefloor, so the poor chap sat down in the middle of the club and started crying....while dozens of onlookers TOOK PICUTRES OF HIM.

So of course, the only logical thing that could be done in the event of these pictures surfacing is CREATE AN ONSLAUGHT OF PHOTOSHOPPING BRILLIANCE.

The results:

Friday, October 06, 2006


HI EVERYONE. I could probably list off by name all the people that read this, but instead, I choose to give a few narrowly insightful updates.

I've not been able to see anyone I know practically because music-related obligations have literally taken over my life and not released me from its kung-fu grip. If you don't play an instrument, or take lessons, I probably don't see you on any given day. I realised this when I got an e mail from Tel. It dawned on me that the last time I hung out with her was at her two minute break from work about a week ago.

This makes me incredibly sad. I went from being able to see her every single day at school, to seeing her about twice a month, if that. This will hopefully change, but it'll be hard. I've managed to get myself into some extreme music training regiment that involves playing for a minimum 6 hours a day, plus on top of that I teach lessons, drive two and from town, and make time to blog. Today is a rare exception though. I went to bed at 3 30 am after drinking and going to Denny's with Josh and Mitch. I just woke up about 20 minutes ago. This is most definetly my most slack day all week, especially considering I woke up at around 7 every other day this week to go jamming in the morning. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining by any means, I'm merely marvelling at the fact I'm actually committed to doing this.

But today won't lack excitement!!! Today I get my first piano lesson with the symphony's concert master, Mr. G0rd0n Lucas. He's been insistant that I get a leg up on piano lessons for when I go on to study cello at some predetermined conservatory I'm sure he already has picked out for me. He's probably already started telling people I'm attending McGill or something. I remember last year he announced at a concert that my cello teacher would be moving to Winnipeg to do a masters program. Jordan was as suprised by this news as everyone else.

Now I'm excited to get lessons, but I'm still slightly afraid of him. Namely because he sends me e mails and encloses pictures like this with them. But I'm sure that the anti-semetic illuminati rants will make it all worthwhile. Hopefully I'll also get wicked good at piano. He says I'll get to at least grade 4 this year, grade 6 if I get my own piano to practise on. I want to get one to practise on so I can get good faster better and so forth. Anyone have a piano they aren't using?

OH! and before I forget, if you read this, I'm expecting you to attend me and Josh's next few performances.

Thursday Oct 19th at Kizmet. I think we start at around 7. The charming Jamie Bell will also be performing, so it should be a fun night.

Saturday, Oct 28th at teh Artspace. Anime, Big Old Eyes, and Ragu will also be playing. Not sure about specifics like when it starts, and how much it costs, but I will let everyone know. You can safely assume it'll be in the neighbourhood of 7ish costing no less than $5 and no more than $8.

There's also some stuff coming up on November, including a radio interview/peformance, and a fundraiser for folkfest.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

On the prowl for a name

I love being in bands. Being in bands can be a lot of fun. Great fun. Amazing fun. But if you're an indecisive lunatic like myself, you will always encounter one enourmous problem: you can't find names for ANYTHING. I mean anything. All my songs are either a) named by Josh, b) untitled, or are c) named withen the parameters of the following format: "[instert vague explanation of song] Song" (ex "pirate song" "Lor's song" "new song" etc) Now for the present, this is excusable. I mean, we don't have any recordings to share as of yet (though that may change soon), and we can get by communicating titles in this strange lazy dialect or vague descriptions of songs. Sadly though, there are more pressing issues.

Our band has no name. Mind you, we have only been a band for a few months, but we already have a lot of songs, and continue to get a lot of chances to play. How long can we hold out just with the tag "Josh and Naomi's band" or "Naomi and Josh". HOW LONG?! In the last three days, we've spent a solid six hours at least trying to come up with a fitting title. That's two hours a day pretty much. Hours that could have been spent jamming, or writing, or baking, or curing cancer, or something. These attempts usually end fruitlessly, and sometimes with Josh giving me a hard time about not being assertive. I should start taking Mitch's advice and carry around a newspaper for dicsiplinary actions. THEN WHO'LL BE NOT ASSERTIVE. HUH. That's right.

It's frustrating though. I mean, not to toot my own horn, but we seem to be doing pretty well so far. We have a good repetiore, lots of songs, people seem to like us, we getting offored chances to play, but we have no title, nothing that we can just be like "hey were time to stfu and rock". It's sad. But I'm terrible at thinking of things, and Josh seems convinced I'm lying to him everytime I agree with any of his ideas, so for now, no progress. Hopefully I'll think of something in a supreme moment of divine inspiration. But when am I ever graced with such luck...? Never. So, in short, it's all up to Josh at this point. Good luck pal!
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