Sunday, October 29, 2006

Good to go....!

I've been in an suspiciously good mood the last few days. And without the aid of drugs or alcohol either. Just good clean sleep deprivation and shows that go off without a hitch, and then catching up on sleep.

I managed to almost completely beat this flu just in time for the show on Saturday. The show was a huge success too. It went so well that I'm still half dazed by it. It actually made money. And not just pocket change. It made cold hard cash. Cold. Hard. Cash. We're talking 3 figures. IMPRESSIVE!!!

Also, I may have been dazed due to the confusion induced by waking up to the sound of crazy romanian gypsy techno, in a strange room, staring at a picture of Keith Richards in a recording studio getting superimposed by a bottle of smirnoff. It was a pretty memorable way to start a morning, but confusing none the less.


So, in short, things are looking up. I just have a really good feeling about everything, optamistic even, which is incredibly out of character, I know. But I'll knock on wood just to be sure....but for now, I have to go write lyrics.


xoxo said...

this is where you tell us more about your performance, dollface. how did it go?!

Naomi said...

the performance went really really well. It was a halloween themed show, so I was dressed up like Hunter S Thompson, and josh had this amazing fake mustache. We played seven songs, two with cello, all origionals. It went ridiculously well. And Raghu played before, and he was fantastic, I was really blown away, then Anime (ryan Z's band) played and they're quite good, and Big Old Eyes closed, and they are fantastic. It was all local, but still an great show. I was very glad to be a part of it.

T.R. said...

I love your songs already, but I really think that your name is lacking. It sounds way too generic indie-kid idea for your musical ability.

And I really don't think you should be so happy. This is the kind of post someone makes right before they get turned into a quadrapalegic. Fuck I can't spell. I was on drugs two days ago.

Stop expressing how happy you are. You've been warned.

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