Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I'm usually not the crying type...

....but I found these pictures so insanely funny I actually shed a few tears....it's sad.

Here's the story:

This guy in Machester was at a club, and this emo kid started crying. Apparently his girlfriend broke up with him on the dancefloor, so the poor chap sat down in the middle of the club and started crying....while dozens of onlookers TOOK PICUTRES OF HIM.

So of course, the only logical thing that could be done in the event of these pictures surfacing is CREATE AN ONSLAUGHT OF PHOTOSHOPPING BRILLIANCE.

The results:


T.R. said...

For some reason, I like the one where he's lying in the middle of the universe crying all by himself.

Why the fuck aren't you naming your band "The Jesus Likes to Tapdance?" It makes no sense and people will hate it, alot. This makes it perfect. And why not "All By Our Chouts." That's a wicked name. If you don't at the very least call one of your songs that I will take it as a personal attack.

mitch said...

For some reason Jesus likes to tapdance made me think of a large pool of tapioca. Also Naomi i've been drunk for many days in a row now and i don't know whats happening anymore. Do you hate me? i think so

xoxo said...

I'm not sure what's worse - the stereotypical emo breakdown or the stereotypical no-life-photoshop-whoring.

Our generation is fucked.

Josh said...

That guy has velcro shoes, truly amazing

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