Tuesday, October 03, 2006

On the prowl for a name

I love being in bands. Being in bands can be a lot of fun. Great fun. Amazing fun. But if you're an indecisive lunatic like myself, you will always encounter one enourmous problem: you can't find names for ANYTHING. I mean anything. All my songs are either a) named by Josh, b) untitled, or are c) named withen the parameters of the following format: "[instert vague explanation of song] Song" (ex "pirate song" "Lor's song" "new song" etc) Now for the present, this is excusable. I mean, we don't have any recordings to share as of yet (though that may change soon), and we can get by communicating titles in this strange lazy dialect or vague descriptions of songs. Sadly though, there are more pressing issues.

Our band has no name. Mind you, we have only been a band for a few months, but we already have a lot of songs, and continue to get a lot of chances to play. How long can we hold out just with the tag "Josh and Naomi's band" or "Naomi and Josh". HOW LONG?! In the last three days, we've spent a solid six hours at least trying to come up with a fitting title. That's two hours a day pretty much. Hours that could have been spent jamming, or writing, or baking, or curing cancer, or something. These attempts usually end fruitlessly, and sometimes with Josh giving me a hard time about not being assertive. I should start taking Mitch's advice and carry around a newspaper for dicsiplinary actions. THEN WHO'LL BE NOT ASSERTIVE. HUH. That's right.

It's frustrating though. I mean, not to toot my own horn, but we seem to be doing pretty well so far. We have a good repetiore, lots of songs, people seem to like us, we getting offored chances to play, but we have no title, nothing that we can just be like "hey were time to stfu and rock". It's sad. But I'm terrible at thinking of things, and Josh seems convinced I'm lying to him everytime I agree with any of his ideas, so for now, no progress. Hopefully I'll think of something in a supreme moment of divine inspiration. But when am I ever graced with such luck...? Never. So, in short, it's all up to Josh at this point. Good luck pal!


Anonymous said...

I dislike naming songs, but naming bands is fun!!! 'Cept no one but me ever likes the band names I come up with. Boourns..


Castrati said...

name your band "tex avery" jesus

just do it

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