Thursday, October 26, 2006

O, brother can you spare sunshine for a brother, Old Man Winters in the air.

Today I drank a lemony-vodka and tonic beverage while watching "Fame" on an empty stomach. It made me slightly wonder, is 1:30 in the afternoon too early to be cracking out the hard liqour? That sense of wonder quickly passed.

It, for some reason, reminded me of that time I was drinking with Tess and a random slew of others about a year ago, and I woke up in Colin's basement with a hangover. I walked upstairs to find Steve Demons and Colin gleefully yelling at eachother, and then deciding to watch "Fubar". They refused to watch it sober, so they went to the liqour store to buy more booze. It was 11:00 am. Then me and Tess left, and ate nachos and played super nintendo.

In lieu of that, I decided that I'm pretty sure I'm doing okay. Plus the tonic mix wasn't even my idea.

I've been dying of worry this week. There is a performance date quickly approaching (Oct 28th...if you're reading this and you don't already know about it and/or are not going, then wtf?!1/!) Now the thought of performing doesn't worry me in the least. In fact, I'm quite excited to be able to play this show. However, I've been plagued with a sore throat all week, and it's only slightly gotten better. I'll be able to sing, but how well?

Guess we'll see. Apparently citrus flavoured vodka has a benificial effect to sore throats...good to know. Besides, my voice has been feeling better today, so I'll knock on wood and hope for the best.


Jeremy said...


I'm gonna live forever!

I'm gonna learn how to fly,

I feel it coming together!

People will see me and cry,

I'm gonna make it to heaven,

et cetera et cetera.

Anonymous said...

Tell Jeremy not to sing anymore. And also tell him that I was dissapointed he wasn't in a Sailor Moon costume at the show. And you sang fine at the show. Even if your voice wasn't up to 100%, you still sing better than half the people in town at 50%. Plus you got paid. This is something that I am totally not familiar with.


Naomi said...

aww thanks cal, you're a doll...and yeah jeremy. wtf is up with not coming to my concert dressed in a humilliating costume?

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