Thursday, January 15, 2009


I'm reading an awesome book right now called "The Dream of Reason: a History of Philosophy from the Greeks to the Renaissance" In it, the writer explains some aspects of Pythagorean philosophies, including the belief that

"...geometry which is deserving of study is that which at each new theorem, sets up a platform to ascend by, and lifts the soul on high instead of allowing it to go down among [physical objects perceived by the senses] and so become subservient to the common needs of this mortal life."

If that's true, what if you're dyslexic? Makes me think of the dumb catholic man who can't confess his sins. Only with math.

Having said that, I have no fuck that guy of the day. Maybe my rage is finally subsiding.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Holy shit

Hold the fucking phones. I just realized my blog has consistently dropped in posts each year. And my first year of it started halfway through. This has to stop. And not just nonsense posts like this, but actual legit pieces. I suck. But no one reads this anyway so whatever.

So I guess it's 2009 now...

Whatever. I got drunk and did a countdown, no biggie. Now I have bigger fish to fry...Well, not exactly. School starts next week which I am completely not ready for. My amazing atheistmas present for Jeremy didn't arrive, which blows. I promised him I would post a puzzle piece a day from a photo of it, but I can't do it from my work computer, so I will once I get home!!! Paypal is my official fuck that guy of last month. But it's January now, so I'll have to curse someone else's name. I'll just curse New Years Resolutions. Fuck those. I never made them, and people that do are ridiculous.
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