Saturday, October 21, 2006

Oh well, okay.

I have a new problem. It's occupying all of my time, taking me away from friends and family, and causing me to have parinoid delusions of granduer. I've had problems like this before. It started slow, simple card games like solitaire, which lead to freecell, then spider solitaire. After mastering those tasks and writing them off as games reserved for individuals with an intellect on par with that of a simple ape, I went on to minesweeper. I cleared every house record and even put some of Ryan G's times to shame. I finally kicked that habit, but have now been introduced to a new mistress: sudoku.

Now I'd heard of this game before, but never really paid any attention to it. That is until Josh and I spent a solid hour trying to play the puzzle found in the morning's newspaper. We were doing okay until we started making up our own rules and got completely owned by the stupid game. This continued consecutively for three days, in which I made noble attempts at every morning's new sudoku puzzle. Each attempt ended in failure, or me giving up. At that point, it was fine because this method of playing limited my sudoku consumption to whenever I happened to be in Josh's kitchen. It allowed me to pace myself, which was good. Until last night, when I stumbled upon this.

I was up playing this til 4 am. I was offored a night on the town by Tess, and I declined. This was in part to make my mom not worry about me being out all night again (at least thats what I told myself) but in truth, I think it really was because I was in the middle of a fucking epic game that I did wind up winning. I am the MASTER.

Anyway, I'm writing this to let anyone know that if you never hear from me again, it's because of this. I hope everyone's having fun out there. I'll be in my basement....


Jeremy said...

Ha! I clicked the link and I won it in 12:00, y'all!

Of course, my enthusiasm was tempered on the realization that it defaults to easy mode.


xoxo said...

Yes. Sudoku, I know her.

I did the same thing, I was pretty stumped for a long time until I finally realised that within a 3x3 cube you also need 1-9. I apparently missed that rule before.

Google home page does a web-based sudoku.... but sunshine and fresh air is recommended too.

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