Sunday, May 20, 2007

They said 'You'd better look alive...'

SUMMER!!!!! I'm so excited right now it's not even funny. Being outside in the sunshine is the best feeling in the world that I managed to completely forgot about somehow. Recording is also fun. So are bicycles, not paying for coffee, and baking pies during rain storms. I feel like I've really neglected this weblog the last month or two, so hopefully very soon I'll post a large entry on Victoria-Audition/Vancouver-Brand New adventures. They'll have lots of pictures. Also, pie adventure pictures. I love having a digital camera, I can't beleive I went so long without one.

So in my desperation at how much fuel costs, I've started riding my bike as much as I can. I rode it to one of my guitar lessons today. They seemed horrified for my well being when they noticed I had a bike at their door. I like bike riding though. I really missed being more active. The winter made me a weakling. Last summer, I was so much physically stronger than I am now. I don't even want to attempt running half as far as I was able to, or doing push ups? Yeah right. I tried about a month ago, and I did them for four days. By day four I psyched myself up enough that I could do like 30 in a set, and then I felt accomplished and stopped trying after that.

Been doing lots of walking too though. Pretty much walk the same circuit every day, from Josh's house to Starbucks/Tim Hortons/Booster Juice/whereever happens to be open when we go walking, and back. It's a pretty good distance I guess. Nice to pound the pavement again.

Also good to be recording again. Next week we have a show, we should have an album out before the summer really gets rolling, and we are in the midst of planning a tour. Life is good. I guess.


Marcy Judith May said...

Move to Victoria. You'll walk probably 70% more than in PG. True story.

xoxo said...

I second that.

And yes, fuel is ridiculous. So are car repairs, as you well know!

And I KNOW what you mean about summer. My god. I have so much more energy, the sun fuels you and its warmth is so soothing on your joints and muscles. Winter sucks ass, even here. It's so wet here, it gets inside your bones. Not that I'd ever go back to a PG winter, but I digress.

You know what works for me, and I'm ashamed to admit it -- workout videos. I have one target toning one that has nine, ten-minute segments. I also have a Yoga For Dummies that a customer gave me because we couldn't accept it for trade. She also gave me Some Like It Hot which is a fucking terrific movie. $8.80/hour plus PERKS, BITCHES! OH! And our store got a "10 Minute Fitness" tester video with three ten minute segments for either cardio, toning or carb blasting I think. It's cheesy when you get those ones because the instructers are always saying stuff like, "Think about how many inches this exercise will take off your waistline!" or "Imagine how many calories and carbs you're burning!"

Some don't talk so much, thank god. But yeah, it's a nice, simple and private way to start working out without being embarassed at the gym or getting bored with your own mundane workouts. I hear some exercise websites are helpful too but I like zoning out and following a trainer.... best of all they never call you a sissy in the videos when you're screaming in pain after like 800 situps (of course in varying directions and tempos!)

Woo. That was long. Enjoy your 3.14 in the precipitating H20!

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