Thursday, May 31, 2007


so my trip to Victoria was one of whirlwinds and fun. I left at around 9 in the morning, drove the all the way to Cache Creek without stopping, and then all the way to the ferry without break.

It was nice driving alone. At first I was a bit lonely, and spent the whole time remembering things that had happened on that road on previous trips with other people, but I soon just spent all my time just thinking in general. It was nice having that much time to think by myself.

I also smoked a lot. I had a system where I'd start feeling tired, so I'd smoke a cigarette, the I'd feel gross so I'd chew some bubble gum, but it'd soon lose flavour so I'd spit it out, then I'd feel tired again so I'd grab a can kind of see where this is going. Don't worry, Josh gave me shit when I got home, and I don't really like smoking anyway...

But enough of that!! On to pictures!!

The Drive

My Steed:

Inside my steed?

A view from my steed:

Socials 10?

The ocean:

The ferry ride:

It was so incredibly nice to be near the ocean again, I can't even explain it. I didn't realise how much I missed it til I saw it again. The ferry ride was perfect.

The thing about ferries, is it's hard to smoke on the viewing deck, but it's the only place you're allowed to smoke. I felt really awkward, because the only place I could get enough shelter to light a match in, was a small nook with a window to the cafeteria. So people inside, who were smart and eating and not smoking would see me awkwardly holding my jacket collar up, feebly trying to light a match without it blowing out or catching my hair on fire. But it was nice aside from that. As the pictures can attest, it was a beautiful sunset on the boat.

Once I got off the ferry, I got really disoriented and took about an hour to get to Marcy's house, even though it should have taken maybe 20 minutes. After a lot of guidance on Marcy's part, and a lot of me taking wrong turns because roads in Victoria miraculously change names at random, I arrived in one peice. I enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by Marcy's Dad's friend, and then drifted off to sleep, without a care in the world...
...except my looming audition...

But enough of that! More pictures!

Fun with friends:

(Marcy <3)

Alycia and I..!

Again with Alycia and I...she has the perfect pose for any picture:

Things I thought looked cool:

Me trapped in a fishbowl?

For Josh:

Best street sign EVER!!

The Sunset

The evening:

Moss Rock:

Marcy's friend:

My illegal beach fire:

The last night in Victoria was wonderful. Marcy and I bought some Thai food, sat on a beach, and watched the sunset while we ate dinner. Then we picked up her friend Greg, drove to some pointe, and built a fire. It was wonderful and pretty. My audition being the next morning at 10, I woke up at 6, drove to the ferry port and went home. On the drive home, I ran into Michala at Chache Creek, and drove her the rest of the way home. I was then going to collapse asleep at home, but I stopped at Josh's house to give him some sheesha that I'd bought. He coaxed me into staying til around 1, and then I drove home and thought I was going to die I was so tired. I slept good that night. It was a fun trip.

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Someone commenting on your blog said...

Nice pictures Nai! I didn't know you got to meet Greg. He's quite the character eh?

Come back soon, the summer is so full of stuff to do here...

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