Thursday, May 31, 2007

They're just jealous 'cause we're young and in love...

So practically as soon as I got home from Victoria, I had to pack my things in preperation for another journey down south. This time, Chantal and I drove down to see Brand New and Anathallo play. The results? A great drive, getting yelled at by Charles Manson's twin brother, a great concert, a lot of sweat, and a lot of fun.

Also, these:

On the drive down, Chantal and I were making ridiculously good time, so we took a break at the Alexandria Bridge, and went adventuring. We got to Vancouver at around 4 pm, so I decided we should go down town, and went into a music shop that was supposed to carry electric cellos.

After being horribly dissapointed at their staff (they couldn't figure out that it needed batteries to function, and when they DID figure that out, it took them like half an hour to realise the battery terminals were corroded and wouldn't work, even though I spent the entire time explaining it to them) and their lack of selection of electric cellos (they only had one and it was crappy and wouldn't work) we made our exit, and tried to find out way to the place we were staying at.

Somehow, Tel and I managed to not get lost at all while we were in Vancouver, due to Tel's gentle nature, and my keen sense of direction. So, we managed to find out way to Diondra's cousin's house, without even using maps or asking scary people on the street for directions.

We got to our temporary place of residence, just off of Main St, and went for a little walk. On this walk, we passed by some interesting sights:


Infront of a Barber Shop:


Amusing name?

I was also accosted by a Charles Manson look alike who saw us laughing at his resemblence to Charles Manson. He turned to me and spoke:


In response, we fled.

The day after that, Marcy arrived, and we adventured with here, and Japandrew. For some reason I took few pictures on this adventure save for these:

More belt buckles for Josh again:

Also, these:

These particular pictures are from a tattoo/piecing parlour on Granville (I think, I can't remember for sure) They had a lot of interesting artwork, so I took some pictures for Tess.

After that, we arrived at the concert about an hour early, and heard them soundchecking Luca. It was wonderful. The show was spectacular, and afterwards, Chantal, Marcy, Michelle, Nate, and I all went out for pizza!

Tel and I drove home the next morning. We wound up taking the scenic route, because I got disoriented downtown, and wound up heading towards to Stanley Park. At that point I was too lazy to turn around, and we drove home through Pemberton. It was beautiful.


Chantal said...

I am so, SO amazingly hot in so many of those shots...

Naomi said...

<3 @ TEL 4 EVA

Someone commenting on your blog said...

Do me Chantal!

Haha. I miss road trips. I promised myself that I'd go to Vancouver and Seattle this summer. Hopefully the Gods of Finance will allow it...

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