Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Everyone you know is going to be fucked up on the Aribtrarys

Sorry for not updating in a while, but I've had a very busy week. With recording having just wrapped up, and a tour looming, I haven't had much time to sit down at a computer. But, as a result, I have many many interesting things to write about.

Last week had Josh and I each making a last minute entry into this year's Folkquest competition. The rules stated that the competition is for individuals, and bands, duos and other such performance groups need not apply. This put us in a bit of a tight spot, seeing as how all of my music is written with Josh, I was sent an e-mail from the festival co-ordinator asking me to apply. There was a catch though, each performer was allowed an accompanist. So it was decided that Josh and I would each make an application. We'd just perform together as one another's accompanist.

So still being a duo, but technically not, we anticipated a certain amount of backlash. The day before the performance an e mail was sent out to an undisclosed amount of performers in the competition stating that it was strictly for individuals, not groups, and that an accompanist was allowed. So Josh and I started to worry.

So we get to Artspace, and I have a pounding headache. It went away after Josh and I pretty much ate half of the enormous fruit platter they had backstage for us performers. We also found out the e mail was probably directed at Gavin Elder and Scott Dunbar, who wanted to enter as a duo, but weren't allowed. We at first didn't really expect too much, and told all of the event co-ordinators that we had to leave immediately after playing so that we could make it to our next show, at Sgt's. They seemed fine with this, and helped cater when we played so that we could make it to Sgt's on time.

So we played our set, and the croud seemed very happy. The other performers all congratulated us, and I even did a bit of networking (lots of people apparently want cello in their songs). We prepared to run off, but the emmcee stopped me and said "hey...can you put me on the guest list at Sgt's...just in case you guys happen to win, so I can tell you?" Inside I'm laughing to myself thinking it's not even a chance, so I say of course, and then run off to Sgt's.

I get there and immediately start drinking. We watched Versus, a rap group, perform their set, and then we hit the stage. The croud wasn't huge, but they were friendly, and we started our set. We played pretty loose, but it was all just fun. About halfway through our set, these people came into Sgt's. They seemed not like anyone else in the room. They were middle aged, well dressed, sober, and seemed really excited to see us. After we finished the song we were on, they came up to us with huge smiles on their faces and said

"You guys won! You both won folkquest!"

The emmcee from Folkquest came in a few minutes later, with a certificate for come studio time, and words of congratulations. So of course, having learned we were victorious, and after a lot of cheering, we finished our set, and commenced with celebrating.

After that, we drove to Smithers on the weekend, and played a festival, took in a little camping, and wrapped up recording and mixing of our EP.

Tuesday morning, we were on CBC radio, and did an interview and live performance. It was fun, and slightly awkward.

Today, we're going to be on PGTV news, with an interview/performance. This might also be awkward, but for many different reasons.....

On Monday we leave for tour.

AND my insurance claim came through and I got a sweet cash settlement.

AND my stitches are out, and my arm is healing well

AND I have a new toy. A pentax D100.

Pretty exciting times, to say the least.


She said...

WOW! Congratulations Naomi! Shit, you guys are getting some definite fame. Wow, this is so cool. One day you guys are going to be big (as in indie big of course) and man, wow. I'm so proud! Let me know how much the EP is. What is the title? Don't make it self-titled, that's so boring. You should name it like... Systematic. Becuase that's like the opposite of Arbitrary. Yeah. I won't be offended if you don't use it, it's kinda lame. Are you guys coming to Victoria? You both rock so hard, look at all the press you're getting. You should let me design a website for you! And we can make a press section... haha... sweeet.

Naomi said...

Thanks Alycia! These are indeed exciting times. We will be in Victoria on July 17th. It's just a show at Logan's, nothing too special, but we'd love to see you there. If possible, you should try and catch a ferry to Vancouver for the 13th or 16th. We have two really sweet shows lined up then.

Also, I loved your suggestion for the name, but we already have something picked out, at least for our first pressing of the EP, which we'll take with us on tour. I don't know how much we'll be charging for them, but I'll be sure to hold a copy for you and for Marcy when we come to the island. And also, I would love for you to design a website for us. Even if you could just spruce up our myspace a bit that'd be amazingly sweet.

Marcy Judith May said...

Oh gosh! Congrats x 1 million and 20!!! Can't wait to see you! I've been telling all my friends to go see you at Logan's.

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