Friday, March 07, 2008


So I'm in Vancouver right now on a family trip with my family. Obviously I'm super busy with incredibly fun activities to keep me busy which is why I have absolutely no time to write on my blog. In actuality I'm sitting in a hotel room waiting for someting fun to happen. Since I eat meat again we're going to go to Samba's and indulge in a lot of flesh. It's pathetic, I've only been gone 8 hours and I already miss Josh, and want to be on tour again. We'd at least be doing fun things together. I'm pretty sure my brother doesn't find looking for old records and used books particularly interesting. Tomorrow should be more fun I'm sure, and Sunday is going to be great because I'll get to see Marcy probably and Alycia for sure. Anyway, I'm going to try and find soemthing fun to do, which will probably be watching cable, but hopefully

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