Monday, August 18, 2008

haha whoops

So I pretty much suck at keeping up to date with things. Last I checked, we came home from tour in one piece. Though, some of us in different vehicles. It was a fun trip for the most part. Shit really hit the van on our way to Vancouver when our van broke down and someone we took on tour with us decided to be a prissy asshole. That's okay though, because as Josh put it, it was bound to happen anyway, so why be that bothered by it. We had an amazing trip to Ucluelet. Swam in the ocean, illegally camped on a beach by this gorgeous lake, and cooked fresh sockeye salmon on a fire. It was beautiful. Wells was also amazing. Though I spent the better part of it drunk, dreading having to talk to/play with certain individuals. It wound up being pretty comical, despite probably not being my proudest moments ever.

Being home has been weird. Having to get used to not driving for 8 hours every morning was harder than I thought. Also, my bike was stolen so I have no means of transportation. Tonight, Josh and I are taking a red eye bus to Merritt to get our van. The transmission SHOULD be fixed, unless the mechanics forgot to drive it before calling us LIKE LAST TIME. But that's a whole other story.

In other news, I've rekindled my love for the Rolling Stones. If you ever doubt their greatness, just look up "Girl with the Far Away Eyes" on youtube, and you will understand.

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