Friday, November 06, 2009

Halloween, noise complaints and Jack Daniels.

I only love one of the above, and it is JD. Halloween is meh, but my fucking noisy upstairs neighbours are going to be the end of me. Last night, roughly 11 PM, I hear the pounding of bass coming through my ceiling. I gently knock on the ceiling to alert my neighbours that I can hear them. Their response? They turn their music up.

Now I was beyond furious. The audacity!!! So I storm outside, in the rain, and pound on their door.

A girl, of maybe 18 years of age, opens the door. She is trying hard not to laugh.

I say: "It's hilarious when I pound on your ceiling and you turn your music up, I had a great laugh."

Her: "I don't know what you're talking about" (snickering)

Me: [taking a deep breath] "Wipe that damn smirk off of your face, this is serious. Turn down your music or I'll call the cops."

Her: "You're right, I'm sorry, we'll turn it down" [still snickering]

Me: "You realize I have school tomorrow morning, I'm trying to get my homework done, and all I can hear is your damn jungle music, now don't apologize to me, just turn it the hell down."

Her: "Oh I understand I'm a student too and..."

Me: "Well it doesn't sound like it."

I walk away. I woke up at 4 am to the sound of them stomping their feet above my room. I hate them. My upstairs douchey neighbours are my Fuck That Guy of the week.


oh oh oh said...

i remember when i was like 12 or something and i went to the theater with all my friends and we were laughin and talkin' up a storm and this lady in front of us shushed us so we threw popcorn at her, covertly

its just like that but instead of going to the theater without your parents it's ~~~~

Mitch W said...

tell you what, you call bistro and he tears off all their faces?

Anonymous said...

There are definitely some ways that you can get back at them, but unfortunately, those ways will only dig you a deep, deep hole.


Please come home. We're secretly quiet and tired, too.

Naomi said...

I'll be home soon. Christmas will be amazing.

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