Friday, April 02, 2010

Awful windy 'round these parts today....

So I have just about 2 weeks until school is wrapped. I'm excited for its conclusion, though I am terrified of exams and how little sleep I'm going to get in the next while. As with the end of every semester, my time has been completely taken over by drinking beer and playing inane flash games. Here are a few I've been obsessing over lately:

Mad Virus:

Pretty basic puzzle game. I can't seem to get past level 10, but that's okay. Reminds of of this game blobs that is on Mindjolt Games, but this is a bit more exciting...well as exciting as matching colours can be.


This game is about as basic as a game can get. 8 bit graphics, on a scroll screen platform with only two possible buttons that function as the same control. So far the farthest I have run is 6000 metres. That's more than most gamers walk in a week.


I hate this game because I love it so much. My highest score was in the 190s. That seems impressive until you see the top 10 scoreboard filled entirely with kids from Korea who score over 300.

Stupid internet.


Jeremy K. said...

Some my own favourites:


Hunted Forever:

The Shift Series (this links to the first-- there are four Shift games that I know of):

Gateway (a point and click adventure, very atmospheric, with ROBOTS! and a SEQUEL!):

Submachine (first in a series of six games):

Naomi said...

Thanks Jeremy, I'll officially never get anything done ever again now.

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