Thursday, December 20, 2007

No phone, no pool, no pets, ain't got no cigarettes

Christmas is soon, Nutcracker has started and thus, a barrage of tiresome rehearsals and awkward 20 minute snack breaks. I still need to go Christmas shopping, but between work and symphony I have no time, so we'll see how this goes.

Big plans for recording have been suggested, and it's got me excited. I haven't been excited about music in a long time, so this is a good sign. I just want Nutcracker to be finished so I can sit down and write. My brother is also writing a short story, and I'm really excited for him too. I'd been in a real rut all through the fall; a paranoid, agoraphobic type rut, where I was afraid of highways, children, the elderly, sudoku puzzles, movies with Joe Pesci, and sex because somehow, they all reminded me of my mortality. But, I feel like that's somehow passed. My feet are getting itchy again, I can't wait for summer, and travelling. But, at the same time, I'm happy with the snow.

50's music ftw.

Also, I'm stil bitter about not getting to ride on the water slides. Brunch and swimming at Ester's Inn has been suggested, but I doubt it will smooth things over. Oh well.


She said...

Merry Christmas!

Where are you travelling this summer? Are the Arbitrarys touring again? I'm doing a cross-country trip next summer, going to take a whole month to do it. It should be pretty crazy. I want to pour a jar of water from the Pacific Ocean into the Atlantic. Anyways, I'd like to make time to see you this summer if you're going to be around.

Glad to hear you're okay with being mortal. It's nice to be aware of it but not afraid. Just think about how many people are so afraid of death that they worship it? (AHEMchristianityCOUGHCOUGH)

Speaking of, if you haven't yet, please watch Zeitgeist.

Fucking Z Day. I want to make copies of this movie and hand it out at Church.

Naomi said...

We're trying to tour international this summer. Josh is heading to Romania anyway, and odds are I'd go with him, so we figured we're trying to talk to some booking agents and see what we can get worked out. If not, cross Canada for sure. If all goes well, both will happen, but we'll see haha. I'll definitely watch Zeitgeist soon, I started to just now, but I don't have 2 hours to spare at the moment.

Hope you had a nice Christmas! Have a great new years as well!

Castrati said...

there is this one guy i know

he was paralyzed by the thought of not existing for months

now he only speaks in metaphysics

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