Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Things I like:

-Ferry terminals
-Watching vinyl spin
-Eating just enough food to be full, but not feel gross
-Reading my brother's blog
-Cold beer on a hot day
-Dry wine on a cold night
-Fuzzy slippers
-Evenings when I don't have rehearsal

Things I dislike:

-Playing in a pit orchestra for ANY opera. No exceptions. I don't care how well bathed everyone in the orchestra is, when you cram 50 people into a tiny sunken box below a stage and make them play La Boheme for three hours, it won't smell nice, and it will be unpleasant for everyone involved.
-Shoulder cramps from playing cello


Mitch W said...

mmmmm sweaty artsy people :P

Jeremy K. said...


I've been meaning to read your blog more often, but I'm too busy marking and learning about lasers and writing awesome short stories. Speaking of which, I took a break from Achilles and knocked another one out these last two days. I'll try to get it typed up.

Naomi said...

Awesome!!! I'm excited to read it.

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