Monday, June 16, 2008

Jesus Fuck

So it's mid June and my feet are getting really itchy. In just over two weeks we're leaving on a cross Canada tour. This one I really sincerely intend to document more fully than our last tour. We might even bring a video camera. And I'll of course be taking many many pictures. We'll even meet up with some friends along the way too, which should be very very fun. But there are still things to do before we leave. The recordings are nearly done, the band is practicing, and the VAN HAS BEEN BOUGHT!!!! It is a 1989 Ford Club Wagon and it cost us $800. I am entirely too excited. I've been obsessed with cleaning it, and it actually is a respectable tour van now. All it took was a bit of vacuuming, some spot shot, and Armour All. Armour All seriously does wonders. All that's left to fix is the stereo, because we can't drive over 10 000 km without music.

The tension of leaving is seriously starting to get to me. There are only 5 more July band rehearsals before we leave, two more local shows. 17 days and counting. Seven TEEN DAYS. I've never even been east of Saskatchewan, and we're going all the way to Montreal!! I am so so so so excited!!! If any of my readers are unknowns that are from out of town (which I kind of doubt but I'll put it out there anyway) here are our tour dates in case we're coming to a town NEAR YOU!!

July 3 Grande Prairie
July 4 Edmonton
July 5 Saskatoon
July 7 Winnipeg
July 8 Thunder Bay
July 10 Sudbury
July 12 Montreal
July 15Peterborough
July ?? Guelph (maybe?)
July 17 Brandon
July 19 Medicine Hat
July 21 Lethbridge
July 22+23 Calgary
July 24 Kelowna (maybe)
July 25 Vancouver
July 28 Duncan
July 29 Vancouver AGAIN
July 30 Kamloops and Wells (Aug 3)!!!!



Kent said...

i might be able to catch the saskatoon or winnipeg shows. just will require a bit of luck. hope the tour goes well.

Naomi said...

Hurray!!! Thanks Kent.

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