Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Punk elitists ftw.

So I keep going to punk rock shows with my pal Grace and her dude man Geoff. Anyway, so the other night we were at this show, and Geoff was doing sound check for this lady who was unknown to us.

Now, I mean no disrespect, but this girl was hands down the most disrespectful performer I have ever seen. She was unnecessarily insistent about particulars about her sound (that, in my opinion made no sense). She demanded to just play guitar through her amp, and Geoff insisted micing it, which she insisted would ruin her sound. Geoff insisted that he could make her sound good, and she insisted she didn't want to sound good, she wanted to sound "raw".

Then, [perhaps] verbatim, this is what she said to Geoff: "I don't want some elitist punk kid taking over my sound and telling me what to do"

Pretty fucking bitchy considering Geoff was being the most reasonable sound guy in history.

Anyway, so the night goes on, and Geoff's band is doing their sound check, and this girl decides to interrupt them, and tells them they're doing it wrong. At this point I was completely floored that this n00b would come into a venue these guys have played in since they were 15, and demand they do their sound differently. She said they were too loud, and that they were trying too hard to make themselves seem bigger than they are. (they are a punk band....pretty much) What was funny is Sheldon, The Throwbacks' guitarist, kept calmly talking to her exclusively through a microphone even though she was 5 feet away from him. It was a ridiculous scene.

So that ridiculousness aside, she goes on stage for her set. I'm hoping I'll be completely floored by her performance, so I stand off to the side, ready to snap some photos.

But here comes the kicker. The great punchline to all of this. The first thing she says when she goes on stage:

"Hi guys, I'm new to town and this is my first time playing in front of people."


In case you missed it, she not only pushed everyone around about sound engineering, generally tried to cause havoc and displayed a dauntingly huge ego, but...she'd never EVER played before? At all?!

I think this goes without saying, but this lady was my official "fuck that guy" of the day.

Oh, she also got upset when a girl hurt herself moshing (moshing, what?) and proceeded to turn off the sound board and tell the band to stop playing. This ended in a screaming match I unfortunately was not present for.

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