Monday, October 19, 2009

Bury me alive with gooey caramel, twisted in doughey bread...

I made cinanmon buns this morning. The only thing that could possibly have made them better would have been a beer. But I drank my beer last night, so that's that.

This month is gearing up to be super busy. I have a piano midterm on Wednesday, a musicianship midterm next Tuesday, and a history midterm that is probably going to sneak up on my while I am not expecting and kill me. Oh and harmony fits in there somewhere as well. Speaking of which, I should have been doing that homework....ho hum.

Yesterday I went for an epic long bike ride around Victoria. It was nice. I made some tea for my thermos, returned some library books, and biked all over James Bay before settling on a bench that overlooked the Olympia Mountain Range somewhere near Beacon Hill Park. Then I practised cello for a few hours and wanted to die.

I have a performance coming up on top of everything else, and I'm pretty much terrified. Time to go settle in on a practise room and not leave until it's dark out.

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