Monday, October 19, 2009

My shoulders hurt from practising.

A friend of mine once said finding pretty things in Victoria is as easy as finding repulsive things in Prince George. From a very oblique view point, that is true, but I honestly find the opposite equally easy, if not easier. I was going to take a series of photos to explain this, so I set out on my bike, ready for an exciting photo adventure. Sadly, I didn't realize I left my memory in card in my computer until I'd already biked to the Wharf, so I grumpily kicked a stone and biked home. I will continue with my rant regardless.

Anyway, take these two photos:

The first is of a view of Prince George from the cutbanks. The second is the Olympia Mountain Range from a beach in Victoria. I really wish I had a better picture of Victoria, this one is from April 2007, but as I stated earlier, I'm an idiot.

If I can say one thing to clear the air it's that I really dislike the ocean. I mean, there are nice things about it and it's important or whatever, but it freaks me out. The ocean can go fuck itself. I'm scared of tsunamis and it smells funny and a whole slew of other reasons. The best thing about the view from Victoria is that you can see those mountains over in Washington. Personally, I'd rather be on the mountains looking down on the ocean than on the ocean looking up at the mountains. Also, there are also three types of people I hate on the waterfront here: joggers, yuppies and crackheads. It's downright annoying.

The one thing I can say I dislike about the cutbanks is I'm terrified they will collapse while I'm on them, seeing as how their are made completely of fucking SAND. Also, the industrial view of PG is pretty unsettling, but the surroundings are damned awesome [hence why the view is of the surroundings and not the industrial park].

I think the sad truth is people back home seem to overlook everyday beauty because they see it every day. For whatever reason, it's so much easier to dwell on ugly things. Whereas here, people do the opposite. They see a junky passed out on the steps to the old Library and they comment on how beautiful the archway is. Then again, many of those same observers are too preoccupied straitening their hair and fitting into their purple American Apparel skinny jeans, to really care so I guess that is a bigger problem to begin with. I should stop talking to hipsters I meet on the bus. Christ. I hate them. They are everywhere. It's like if you take the dumbest people from highschool, and give them a slightly more obtuse fashion sense and a pretentious obsession with whatever Vice magazine is bitching or praising. they'd all live in Victoria. It's irritating. The coolest people I've met here have come from other places. Great, this turned into a hipster rant. I fucking knew that would happen God damnit....

Anyway, I liked the cutbanks picture. I could post a lot of ugly photos I've taken in Victoria [mostly involving homeless people that look a heck of a lot like the homeless people back in PG...only warmer...] but that'd be too easy. I'd rather put one of many nice ones I have from home.

However, on that ugly note, the bus stop I sometimes have to wait at is terrifying. It's on the worst corner in town for drug dealing, and it freaks me out. Probably the scariest thing is seeing normal looking people casually walking by and picking up drugs. Right next to the sad junkies. For every 10 junkies I see buying drugs [which is easy at 10 pm on a Friday] I see at least one or two normal looking people do the same. Only difference is they still have a job and house to go home to.


Andrew said...

If you're where I think you are, definitely don't (or do) go into the McDonald's nearby. At night it doubles as an unofficial detox centre.... I'm impressed by how well the teenage staff handle it.

Naomi said...

haha, it's near there! I try really hard to avoid that McDonalds...not that I go to McDonalds all that much.

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