Friday, June 18, 2010

Oh oui wa wa!

So we're in Ottawa now. So far we've spent two days at an expensive hostel, gotten a huge parking ticket, and made $35 busking. The parking ticket is a huge load of crap because the sign we could see said we could park there free until 9 am. The sign that was completely obscured by foliage said there was no stopping between 7-9 am :( Of course, this means war. The spot we found to busk in was pretty tough. It was the Sparks Street Mall, which is a three or four block long pedestrian mall. People were quite reluctant to give us change unless we played gypsy jams on cello and accordion. What really got to me were the people who obviously enjoyed what we were doing but didn't leave any money. They'd stand there and take pictures of us, or video tape us. It was frustrating :( If every person who took a photo of us left a toonie we would've made at least $20 dollars more...but at least they liked us! Today we're going to try out the Rideau Market at the suggestion of a friend. Apparently that's a good spot. After that, we have to play tonight at the Elmdale House Tavern with Ghostkeeper and Sadie Hell.

Here are some pictures of things that have happened so far:

Me in the CN Tower.
Josh on the glass floor.
Jet Jagger in Wawa
Lake Superior plus a river I can't remember the name of.
Josh on Lake Superior

Josh being grumpy on the CN Tower.

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