Monday, June 28, 2010

Whudddya mean the ferry's fugging broken?!

So the show in Charlottetown wound up being pretty great. We were the only band that played, so we did a bit of an extended set. Sold a fair bit of merch, and the sound guy/bar tender Mike was pretty awesome. I'd almost feel okay about finances if the ferry to Newfoundland wasn't busy screwing us over. Turns out the boat we needed to take tonight to Argentia is being fixed, the next one doesn't sail until after our shows. The only options are to either take the other ferry to the opposite end of the island and drive through an endless expanse of moose and truckers, or to fly. Both cost approximately the same, both are terrifying to me, but one saves us a 12 hour drive and a longer boat ride!

Here's the view we woke up to from our camping spot just outside of Charlottetown two night ago:

We'd slept in the car three nights in a row, which was okay I guess, but my Mom took pity on us and put enough money into my band account to rent a hotel room for the night, which was nice.

Here's our steed:

And this picture goes out to anyone who has been to a B.A. Johnston show that doesn't know what a couche-tard is:


Mom said...

Well, it is nice to see the car still has four tires (ok, I can only see two, but it looks level, so it appears there are 4). Could use a few more photos of you and Josh, and Jet Jagger..... I miss you guys. I hope you loved your flight... Love your mom!

birasblog said...


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