Friday, September 22, 2006

Oh well.

So in all fairness, today should have been an awesome day. I woke up at 8 with a half empty bottle of wine, (which is great because it means it's also half full) then got breakfast and proceeded to Josh's house, where we commenced with recording. We made so much progress too, got guitar tracks for one song laid down, though I want to retake some of my leads because I suck at recording apparently. Anyway, we accomplished much and I was incredibly pleased. So I left Josh's house on a high note (hahaha I'm so witty!!) to go teach guitar, and being in a pretty good mood I figured I'd have a chill evening, even though I'm was a bit too tired to function at my best. But at that point I remembered I had to pick up music for tonights symphony rehersal, so I stopped at the music school to grab it.

So I ran inside, pestered Jordan (my cello teacher) and returned to my car only to be blessed with the news that the friggen thing won't start. I poked the battery, tried to adjust the terminals a bit (all things that usually result in the car starting again) and nothing. The indicator lights were still all on, everything was supposed to be all "VROOM VROOM LETS GO DRIVE NAOMI!! YAY!!" But no, just a click. No turn over, none of those beautiful engine sounds a finely tuned VW is supposed to make. So I call for a ride from my brother, and sit in the car and wait. I was going to just sit and listen to music calmly waiting for him to show. I turn on my tape deck and listened to maybe the first 45 seconds of "Tetragrammaton" when my battery decided to just NOT FUNCTION AT ALL.

So I have no music, no car, no way of getting to my guitar lesson remotely on time, and nothing to keep me from wanting to go play in traffic. Cept for that bottle of piss poor red wine I had left over that was in the trunk of my car. I actualy considered downing some of it a viable idea until I realised there were people in the music school watching my feeble attempts to try and maintain my composure, and if I started drinking a mystery liquid from a bottle wrapped in a brown paper bag, it may look suspicious. Luckily Jeremy showed up moments later and took me to my mom's office where I could skulk in peace.

So the car runs now, but my dad thinks the clutch needs adjusting, so I had to let them drive it home, and now I'm stuck here with the tankburban, waiting to go to symphony rehersal and fight falling asleep while counting measures of rest. Oh well.

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