Sunday, January 21, 2007

Relief washed over me in waves....


I feel so strange now that it's done. Not for any nostalgic reasons, I'm glad it's finished, and won't miss it at all. But after having sat through it around 12 times, I feel like I've lost considerable amounts of grey matter. I feel like you feel the morning after a drinking binge. Sick, and retarded.

If there's one thing I'll miss , it's seeing the conductor, Val, on a nightly basis. For those who don't know, Val is probably the coollest person I have ever met, and makes every musical production I'm in bearable. In fact, Val makes them downright enjoyable. She makes wonderful baked goods, likes Frank Zappa, and has an unhealthy addiction to Ginger Ale.

BUT NO MORE DANCING NUNS. Sorry, but this is a big deal for me. This passed two weeks has been so incredibly crippling for me. It's like my own personal Berlin Wall has been torn down.

And now, compliments of Ryan G, I bring you a video of something scary getting set on fire.



The New Noise Thriller said...

Oh man. That video was amazing. AND NOW I WANT TO DO THAT!!

Naomi said...

You get a tickle-me-elmo, I'll find a zippo and some lighter fluid, and we will make things happen.

Jeremy said...

Better yet, melt about five-hundred Bic lighters in a sealed car until enough butane gas has been released, and then electrically detonate it from afar.

I saw that on Mythbusters. That's a fun show.

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