Monday, January 22, 2007

Voodoo driving hex part 2?

I got a flat tire today. It was lame. I've never felt like more of a helpless girl before in my entire life. I stopped my car by the Scotia Bank in College Heights, and tried to reach my family for assistance. But there was no answer. So I called the first number on my dialed numbers list: Eric! He had wanted to hang out today anyway, so why not kill two birds with one stone?

So while waiting for Eric to arrive and rescue my car from incapacitation, my dad called me and went into a long rant about changing tires and how he was incapable of coming to help me so he didn't know why I bothered calling. It was not a very productive phone call, but then Eric showed up.

After toiling with my stupid car's inconvenient jack, he managed to get my car up, the tire off, and the good one on. Then there was some breif confusion about tire pressure, we had to remove the tire, walk to the Esso down the street, and fill the spare tire with air, and then we replaced the tire again and lowered my car.

As we were packing up our mess of jacks and tire irons, a very confused sad looking man in a black whool coat walked by and quietly said something, while looking directly at me. Thinking he'd said something to me, I politely asked "I beg your pardon?"


He then looked at Eric and said "DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH?"

"Yes..." Eric replied.


He then dissapeared into the night. It was odd.

So to thank Eric for saving my worthless butt, I bought him a delicious McDonald's dinner, and we parted ways. Then to congratulate myself on standing and getting cold feet for two hours while Eric selflessly laboured on my tire, I bought tomato sauce and pasta, and went home to make a delicious meal. What a day.

On a brighter note, Nunsene paid about $250 more than I thought it would, and Josh and I managed to wrap that terrible Wings song we had to cover.

So, this blog is dedicated to two people, in thanks:

Eric for his mad mechanic skills.


Grace for her mad clarinet skills and helping Josh and I in making that Wings cover suck slightly less. Nice chops pal.



mitch said...

flying super mctwisted jumbo tron bucket of in your face screaming fanatic in an ice cold pocky stick!

T.R. said...

That reminds me of the time me and Kyle got stuck coming out of his alley way. I think I honestly would've called a tow if he wasn't there and we weren't even stuck that badly just way too confused to function.

xoxo said...

Hahahahaha.... oh man, and in the midst of a PG January winter, nonetheless. How terrible.

I'm so clueless about my car. I don't think I even know the model...

Jeremy K. said...


The New Noise Thriller said...

If only your car had of broken down Wed or Thurs when it was gorgeous out. IF ONLY!

Poor Naomi. I'm sure the Wings cover didn't suck that much. Just think of it as teh uber exposure!

And if you ever need a hand with a flat tire or a ride or anything, DON'T HESITATE TO CALL ME!!! I mean it!

Naomi said...

Cal you're awesome.

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