Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I came to a really disturbing conclusion over the weekend: Prince George isn't that bad. Shoot me for saying it, if you must, but I actually don't hate it. I go so far as to say I actually kind of like it here.

This bombshell of an epiphany occured over the course of a weekend trip to Vancouver. It happened sometime between being caught in a bottle neck among what felt like millions of people on the freeway trying to get across the Port Man Bridge, and seeing an entire hill, across from the Riverview Mental Hospital, that was entirely covered in houses, with no yards, no trees, and no space between them.

It was scary.

Now, that's not to say there aren't aspects of Prince George I really especially dislike. The industry it's built on, for one. Or the winter season. Or a great deal of the people that reside here. But, even in saying that, I've met some amazing people in this strange backwards little city. It's just strange though. I remember being in highschool (which wasn't even that long ago...) and making pacts with friends that we'll never stay here, we'll leave as soon as we're physically able, we hate this place so much and always have and always will, but that is gradually wearing off of me. I know that I'm not going to stay here, that is for certain. But I'm definetly reassessing where I would go upon leaving.

I fear that I'm sort of turning into my dad when I talk like this. I have a weird disgust growing inside me. A strange near-phobia of urban sprawl. There's just a strange comfort in a city like Prince George. Something about it's size. I think it's got a nice balance of having the comforts of a large city, while having a much more controlled population. It's big enough that I can have luxaries like foreign food, speciality stores, a University, among other things, but small enough that if I see a white Toyota Paseo ahead of me, odds are that Eric's driving it.

I think that's something I may never get back though. Just these establishments that have been built over years of growing up with all of these people in the same place. I think when the time comes to leave, I won't even bother trying to regain that. It's just somtehing special that exists right now. Or maybe i'm just antisocial and don't want to make new friends.

Either way, that entire conclusion just left me feeling really sad. Then it made me consider becoming a lawyer. Then I kicked myself in the face. It was a weird series of events that spanned about two minutes. It was a weird cathartic altercation that I wish hadn't happened.

Long story short, Josh and I have three gigs in the next month!!! So I'm pretty excited for that! And also, we have almost 1000 myspace friends.

T/-/@t5 s0 1337!!1!1!!!#@@!!!

Now if only my car was drivable. Then I'd have nothing to complain about...nothing at all...


xoxo said...

Yeah, you're nuts.

But you have a point. If PG's general populous was more diverse, they would definitely have a selling point for me. It is nice to be able to have a yard and a moderate downtown district... however, I have to brag about Victoria. It's got the people, which is what PG needs. Everyone there is miserable, and often the only reason people choose to move there is because they're poor and PG has cheap rent and a lot of work available. It's an industry boom-town. I wish there was more culture in PG. It's a beautiful city and if more beautiful people like you populated it, I would agree wholeheartedly with you.

Unfortunately, my final summation of PG (and I think Tess can agree with me) is that it's great for fostering substance abuse problems. Perhaps if there was something else to do there, it wouldn't be so.

Naomi said...

You're very right in everything you're saying. I think part of why I was saying that has to do with the fact I've managed to find a very comfortable and fufilling life without needing or having time to get involved in a serious drug habit, and also, I'm finding it a great time to be an artist in PG. Music is bustling, there are many good acts, and culturally things are starting to happen. Or I'm just kidding myself.

I must say though, all the things I complained about with big cities really don't apply at all to Victoria. I love Victoria. I've had nothing but amazing experiences there, and I do think that's definetly a place I'd more than consider going to when I do leave PG. I think, more than anyhting, I want to avoid the rat race.

The New Noise Thriller said...

Alycia, you never got involved in the general university crowd. It's a much different scene full of great people who aren't depressed about being in PG (they chose to come here).

T.R. said...

"T/-/@t5 s0 1337!!1!1!!!#@@!!!"

Does say something in inter-lingo or were you trying to unsuccessfully use HTML?

I hate to say it Naomi, but P.G. is seeping into your brain. You think you've dodged the bullet of the party scene and narrowly escaped a terrible addiction when it truth, you're addicted to P.g. itself and therefore are beyond being helped.

Sorry Cal, but did you happen to ask these great, happy people if they were from Quesnel?

If they weren't they were probably slackers from Van. who didn't make the cut and don't want to fess up.

Naomi said...

It was a lame attempt at leet speak. But it was apparently some sort of HTML thing and I had to carefully edit it so it would appear on the page that way.

Hmm upon careful reconsideration, I think I should rephrase myself. I don't think it's that I like PG per say, but I dislike some other places more? Places I'd once considered beacons of light compared to this place. I guess I'm perhaps choosing the lesser of two evils. Or I'm turning into a recluse like my dad. Or there is just something really wrong with me lately. The other day I was actually thinkg about why I opted out going to college and maybe trying to get into law school or something, and that it may have been a bad idea not at least looking into it. And I don't think I'm by any means addicted to PG. I'm not going to stay here, there are lots of places I'd rather be. But its like for the first time I don't want to be in any sort of hub of bustling excitement. I want to avoid being somewhere huge. Honestly though, I don't really know what I'm talking about. Somethings just not right. I'm just not sure what. Maybe I'm just coming to the realisation that thing suck anywhere. I mean, go to any city and you'll find hicks, drug addicts, unhappy people, psuedo intellectuals who like to think they're onto something great. I think that cities are just varying sizes of the same shit. But I'm sure this is probably just a passing phase. We'll see I guess.

Grace said...

Maybe if there were less assholes and pg was in a nicer location that would be better. I definitely agree with you though, when i leave it will be hard to leave everything that is familiar and friends and the tokyo place. Perhaps I can convince at least some of them to come with me. I am way to antisocail to try to make new friends, its not that i have trouble meeting people or anything its just there are so many people who piss me off which i suppose is just a side effect of being seriously introverted and weird. There is alot to miss here and I too am coming to realize that.

The New Noise Thriller said...

Tess, bugger off with your negativity. I've heard my share of complaints about Prince George and have seen very few people actually do something about it. I say either shush up, do something about it or get out of town.

Anonymous said...

your mom

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