Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Time to hang up the ol' spurs

In 10 hours and 28 minutes, I'm going to retire my position as a minor.

If I lived in Nevada, I'd still have two years of minor-dom to go before having to cash that check and start paying bank fees.

I always used to view a birthday as new years. When you think about, each individual's birth date is their own personal new year. So ,I guess with that backward line of thinking, today marks my own New Year's Eve! Maybe tonight, I'll do a count down to midnight, and hit some pots and pans while yelling Happy New Year at myself. I have a flat bottle of sparkling wine that my mom bought that I can consume in celebration. This fell together perfectly...in fact, a little too well...

At any rate, I'm mostly doing this in a vain attempt to distract myself from the fact that I'm an old spinster. For my birthday, I want knitting needles and a rocking chair. Also, some bourbon. That sounds like an old person type drink. Or sherry? MOONSHINE! CAUSTIC CAUSTIC MOONSHINE.

I don't know what I'm talking about.

I have two orhestra performances (N. Orchestra + Sinfonia) for two different orchestras on the same day (Saturday). I'm also expected to drive to Vanderhoof on Sunday for another one (haha...that's REALLY likely...) Tomorrow night, there's a Sinfonia rehearsal. The symphony scheduled one for Thursday night as well (not going to happen). Friday, there's another Sinfonia rehearsal (If I show up to this one, it'll be a Dog Gamned Christman Miracle). Somewhere between all of that, I'm supposed to fit in Birthday festivities--that are beyond my control-- jamming time, guitar students, piano and cello lessons, and sleep. This week sucks. I'm skipping at least half of those rehearsals just to maintain my sanity. And for the record, jamming always takes priority.

But my car is getting fixed on Wednesday.


My car is now fixed. YES.


xoxo said...

GET DRUNK!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Naomi. I can't wait to drink at stingy PG bars with you when I come back home. <3

Anonymous said...

knitting needles and a rocking chair huh.. well I don't know about that... happy birthday tho! A cane for each hand will do, now that you've joined us in old age ;)

T.R. said...

Now is the time of drink, but in a cruel twist of fate the invisible forces are saying that you'll have to go on witout me. I've caught that plague that you had, the one that I was bragging about being immune to, and it looks as if it maybe a long stretch of feverish nights before I will be good enough to go out and infect anyone I can. I may collapse and never wake up. If I die cremate me and put my ashes into a batch of rum n' cokes then buy a round for everyone. I'll leave your present with my sisters.

* Don't let anyone undeserving drink me. I'll let you use your own discretion.

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