Saturday, March 31, 2007


Did you know that if you google search "OMFG STEAM R0X0RZ TEH BIG ONE111!" my blog is the first thing google comes up with? I learned this from some random person who did this, and was nice enough to leave a comment on my blog. What a nice fellow/lady.


xoxo said...


Haha, don't feel bad about listening to the CBC. It's a good station. Colin used to listen to it all the time when he was a pizza delivery guy. I had to listen to a show by my art history prof on Guernica (Pablo Picasso's famous mural).

Just face it, I'm becoming an art snob, you're becoming a music snob. But at least you are ashamed of your snobbery, I revel in mine.

However, if you ever say "You've never listened to ______?! *SCOFF*", then yeah, I'll have to slap you around a bit. But feel free to talk about stuff I don't understand at all, it's interesting to learn! Plus, you KNOW deep down you LOVE being a music geek. ADMIT IT!!!

AndrewSellsOut said...

It was only number seven when I tried, idmb beat you out. Also, why on earth would you feel bad? CBC has been my station of choice for years, it's the only place that plays the Sex Pistols, Public Enemy, Rufus Wainwright, Arcade Fire, the Clash, Bob Marley..... CBC kicks ass, yay for public broadcasting!

Naomi said...

I'm sad, at the time this was written mine was number it doesn't even come up! Fuck you google.

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