Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Post Mortem

My legs hurt. We made it to the top...after walking 7/8ths of the way up. The first 1/8th we ran. I dissapointed Mitch I think. I'm a failure in every respect. But we ran all the way down, pretty much. Not much of an acheivement, but I'm impressed. It was also cold. So cold. But then Ally served us coffee, and Mitch nearly choked to death on banana loaf, that was masquerading as banana bread. FUCK YOU LOAF!! TRYING TO KILL MITCH.


mitch said...

We will try again in june giving you ample time to get into shape. then we can sing the whole run up!

Jeremy K. said...

This is going to be a problem. I assumed you were dead, and took your role as favorite child. And I very much intend on keeping it.

The New Noise Thriller said...

Aww damn.. I was pretty sure I could get your basses from Josh as he is in love with me.


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