Saturday, April 14, 2007

Death toll: 2

In one week I have an audition for music school I'm going to bomb I think, but eeven if I get accepted I don't even know if I'm going to attend. Tonight there's a symphony concert that's going to sound terrible because our regular conductor has a gig in Hamilton, and the concert master is conducting instead. It sounds terrible, and we haven't actually made it through Copelands "Apalacian Spring" ONCE without stopping because everyone's fucking up something.

I suck at house sitting. Two of their pets have died, though only one of their deaths may be my fault (can you over feed gold fish? Because I sort of dropped like three tablespoons of fish food into their tank by accident the other day, and they's only supposed to get two "pinches" of food a day.....) The other dead one is a degu, and it got mauled by this ugly dog that I was looking after for one of their neighbours because they asked me if I would do that before they left and I said a'ite. I was half awake and confused when I realised what had happened, so in my sleep-deprived-induced state of quasi inebriation, I called Josh to help me figure out what to do. He helped me find the surviving degu, and then proceeded to fall sleep on the couch after I made him toast.

The ugly dogs gone now, and I buried the degu in the back yard, but his friend appears to be very sad, and afraid. He spends a lot of time running on his big squeeky wheel and sitting in a nest he's made.

The fish also started to cannibalise the dead one. It was half skeleton by the time I picked it out of the fishtank, using a fork that's now sitting in the sink. Also, the dogs smell bad.

I got my class 5 drivers licence yesterday, and I don't have picture ID for a week, and I'm worried I won't be able to fly to my audition without picture ID so I'll probably have to drive, but that means I'll have to leave the house I'm house sitting at a few days before they come home. How weird is that. I seriously severely severely need a stiff drink, but I don't have picture ID so I can't buy booze. Shucks.


mitch said...


mitch said...

oh your life is so complicated

xoxo said...

ever heard that goldfish have a three-second memory span? it's true... and isn't three spoonfuls like, the total mass of the fish?

hehe, oh naomi. you poor girl.

so it only takes a week to get your ID? because i haven't gone for my class 5 yet, but i'd rather do it in prince george than in victoria... but then again, do i really want to give up one week of possible partying to get my liscence in an easily-driven town? hmmm... long did it take you to book the appointment? are they booking like, three weeks in the future or what am i lookin' at here?

Naomi said...

I booked mine online in mid february, and couldn't get a slot until April 3rd. So, try online first, and if it doesn't work for you, try calling in.

And if you want to get your partying done while here, get a B.C. I.D. to use, while you don't have your driver's license. I wish I'd done that, because I'm afraid I won't be able to buy cigarillos for my trip south tomorrow. Oh well.

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