Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Victoria, ho!!!

It's currently 1 am, and by 9 30 tomorrow morning I plan to be on the road to Victoria. This wouldn't be so bad if I was actually ready for sleep RIGHT THIS SECOND, but as it stands I'm putting off driving home, as I lazily play on Josh's computer because he's boring and fell asleep. I hope he reads this.

Being unable to afford a plane ticket, but needing to be in Victoria by midday Wednesday, has forced me to embark on this trip earlier, and with more stress, than I had previously intended. I'll also be leaving my house sitting duties one day early. Hopefully I'll still get paid.

Given how many of their pets I have managed to kill, and the fact that their neighbors seemed so concerned for their dog's safety that they graciously offered to take them off of my hands for a day, leads me to believe that if I do get paid, odds are they won't ask me back....though I hope they let me keep teaching guitar.

Whatever, I have an audition, and a solo road trip to worry about. Wish me luck on my travels, dear readers. Hopefully if/when I return, I will have many a gallant tale to tell. Obviously I will, with Marcy and Alycia being there. Plus I get to ride on a boat!!!!

But first things first...I need to fit about 8 hours of sleep into a 6 hour time frame...oh boy.

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xoxo said...

Heheheheh! I'm so glad you're here. What fun we had the other night at Ocean Island. NAMIO/KATHER!

Heh. You and Marcy go to med school.

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