Monday, April 23, 2007

Last Night...

I figure it was the steak. Or maybe following two long island ice teas with coffee. Or a mix of all three. I'm not sure. But last night, I had a really strange dream. It wasn't strange in that odd things happened in it. It was strange in that everything that could have gone well, did go well. And it all went well in such a way that didn't seem ludicrous. It just seemed right. It was such a good dream that I didn't realize I was dreaming until I woke up. I was so disappointed I thought I could have cried, but of course didn't. It was so strange.

Anyway, so I figure my being a serious vegetarian is in it's death throws. I don't mind, really, I just need to get used to eating meat again. On Friday I ate lamb. Saturday was for chicken. Last night involved a small piece of bacon, a chicken strip and a new york steak. What will today bring? Who knows...!?

So pretty soon I will post pictures and other such things from my Victoria adventure. Until then you should all read my brother's blog:


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