Thursday, December 28, 2006

Adventures in house sitting:

So this week I have had the good fortune of being asked to house sit a huge home in a swanky part of College Heights. It's a pretty fun gig. The house is very nice, and there are three small and incredibly energetic lap dogs to keep me company. Also, these two rodents from somewhere in South America that look like hamsters with long, weird tails. Their tails can detatch--much the same way that many reptile's tails can--as a defense mechanism if they're being attacked. SO NEAT.

I don't know why this family chose me as their house sitter. I'm scared when left alone in my own house, let alone, a strange one. This house is very creaky. I keep thinking I hear someone walking around, and then panic, and realise it's just the dogs running around. I should know by now that if ANYONE strange were in the house, the dogs would start freaking out and barking hysterically, like they always do when someone is near the house. But, as is my nature, I just assumed otherwise, and use it as an excuse to stealthily wander around the house holding a large blunt object..... The peruvian rodents often make noises that could be confused as people, and it's very creepy as well.

The last two days I've managed to spend minimal amounts of time alone in the house, either by leaving to run errands, or bringing Josh here to jam and destroy the house's kitchen. Last night, we spent all day grocery shopping for and preparing a ridiculously huge attempt at a Japanese dinner. It involved sushi, salad, tofu, and tempura that tasted exactly like deep friend prawns from Chinese resteraunts. Despite our combined lack of culinary skills, we managed to not burn the house down, and the dinner was pretty good. I have a lot of left over sushi.

The greatest thing about getting to house sit is being able to not have to drive half an hour to do anything in town. Everything is so accessable! AND THERE'S A GARAGE FOR MY CAR! So it doesn't get freezing cold and I don't have to scrape ice off the windsheild and freeze to death for 20 minutes before my heater decides to start expelling heat. It's very convenient. I'm pretty much being spoiled. I'm being paid cold hard cash to stay in a swanky hotel with a some dogs, hamsters with tails, and a few goldfish. All that, minus my crippling parinoia, is a pretty damned good deal, if I do say so myself.

One of the dogs is so incredibly homely that it's sad. She's a sweet dog. Really sweet! She's a puppy, and her name is Lily. Her fur is really soft, and she's a nice color, sort of a light brown-blonde color, with hints of orange, and she's really playful! Always running around, sniffing things, and trying to coax me into playing with her. But she has this horrible underbite, so she always looks incredibly incredibly angry, and when you pet her, her eyes roll back and it looks like she's going into some sort of a seizure. SO SCARY. But she's nice. I guess...I'm sort of afraid of her. I'm actually kind of glad that the owner asked me to make her sleep in a cage...

Anyway, so I've got three more days to go before the family returns. So far I haven't broken anything, or spilled anything that will leave horrible stains on their probably insanely expensive furniture. I'll knock on wood, in the mean time, just to play it safe haha.

This will be such a weird week when it finally ends though. House sitting ends on the 31st, but then I am attending Mike's New Year's shin-dig. So, in total, I will have spent 6 strait days away from my own home. I also think I may have forgotten to mention to my dad that I am house sitting. I don't know how I managed to do this, but I have a feeling he's going to be really pissed off when I come home. I guess we'll see. I could make a quick day trip home I guess, but I'd really prefer to save the fuel....oh well!


Castrati said...

no don't go to mike's

T.R. said...

That new profile picture of you looks so haunted.

Naomi said...

It was taken at a party at Will and Emmy's. I was sleep deprived, as is my usual fashion.

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