Thursday, December 07, 2006

God Rest Ye Ears Merry Gentleman...

I'm not a big fan of Christmas. I like it, I guess. I can retain some pleasure out of it. I mean, I like wrapping presents, I like gingerbread houses. I always get nostalgic when I smell pine needles, because it makes me think of Christmas Trees, which I've always enjoyed decorating. I don't hate Christmas. In fact, I guess I kind of like Christmas. It doesn't top my list, but it's cool.

But there is one aspect of it that literally could drive me to kill. Kill all my friends even. Coming from a pacifist that loves all her friends dearly, this is quite a big deal. I know what you're thinking "Oh Naomi, your blatant hate on for religion must make you hate it!" No, it's not that. I don't minid getting money from Grandma because they decided Jesus was born in December. And it's not the painfully grotesque consumerism associated with it. Those things annoy me, but don't drive me to the palpable rage I feel.

It's the music.

Christmas music makes me want to euthenise everything. My best friend, the neighbour's cat, the pope, Dweezil Zappa... pretty much everyone ever, except for Tess because I'm fairly certain she'd find it really comical if I killed everyone. Honestly though, if anything can do it, it's Christmas music that will push me over the edge to become a serial killer.

Add on to this that in my disambiguation of Christmas music, I came to another realisation. When you think about it, the music of Christmas serves pretty much two purposes: it's a tool of the consumer geared side of Christmas, and it spreads the word of God. I should have known it would somehow encompass the other two aspects of Christmas that I happen to hate. Though, it is a bit hypocritical of me to say I hate Christmas music because of the religion connatation, when I gladly play and enjoy baroque music. How odd....

BUT! I do love the Nutcracker. It doesn't count. I've decided ti write it off as an amazing romantic ballet, and not shitty Christmas music. And I guess I should say the same for Handel's "Messiah" Though...Technically Messiah is traditionally played during easter, and is thus, NOT stupid Christmas music.

And right about there I confused or lost all of my readers.

Anyway, I am so sick of Christmas music. I've decided this is my last year of associating myself with it. After the next sinfonia performance, and "the Polar Express" with the Symphony, I'm done. I will refuse to do ANY Christmas music, unless it's cool and by Tchaikowsky.

This rant was really pointless. Sorry.


T.R. said...

I'll leave this short and to the point, I was in choir for years. I understand how much Christmas music sucks. I really, really understand.

What has been done can't be unlearned. I have scarred my brain with Jesus and Santa.

Kailee said...

At my work, our head office controls the music/sommercials played and since like November 20th, it's been Christmas music. They play Santa Baby probably once an hour. It's terrifying.

I was at work the day it started, on my break in the back room. The raido all of a sudden cut out for about 30 seconds and I had one thought. NO! Unfortunately, I was correct.

Jeremy K. said...

Check out my new blog:

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MIchala said...

OH Naomi, I too enjoy the Nutcracker very much and yah it is not stupid christmas music....I can understand such things I hope you don't kill your friends....although I can think of a couple people I wouldn't mind...I mean I'm a good person

TheBrandon said...

That may have been the best post I've ever read.

Naomi said...

I'm glad Brandon.

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