Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I hate to break any hearts...

...but I have an announcement.

I fell in love again.

Madly, truely in love.

It's hopeless though, I realise this. I'm guess used to it, thesee fruitless crushes that just leave me forlorn. Always leading to nothing. False hopes. The usual sad story, you've all heard from me before.

But this one's different. He's special. Very very special.

His name...


.....is Sufjan Stevens and I want to marry him and listen to him sing all day for the rest of my life. I don't even care that he's a devout Christian, and has never met me before. IT'S TRUE LOVE, I SWEAR.

I mean, just look at him...

Pretty handsome....

Seriously though, his music is amazing. If you haven't yet, listen to the album "Come on feel the Illionoise" The arrangements are unreal, and his voice is beautiful. He gave me new faith in contemporary music. I'm completely smitten with him....even though I know our marraige plans won't quite pan out.


Jeremy said...

There are a few things I have to say to this.


*long snorting raspberry-like laugh through nose, all while trying to resist urge to giggle*




*Obnoxiously loud inhalation*




*Obnoxiously loud inhalation, whilst rolling on floor*


"Bwah-ha-ha. . . Ha. . . *contented sigh* Seriously, good luck. All the best. Um, I'm sure you'll raise a lovely Christian family."

"You, uh, you have a lovely blog here."

Castrati said...

seriously old news

Naomi said...

I even cleverly referenced lyrics from one of his songs in my post...*sigh*

no one understands me...

T.R. said...

I'd do him. I guess I might have to do him after a date rape drug if he is indeed a devout Christian, but I'd still do him whether he wanted it or not.

Naomi said...

Tess understands me.

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