Saturday, December 09, 2006

I think I can hear alien invaders....

...they're walking on my deck. And I'm not joking haha. I hear the deck creaking and it's got me a little scared. Odds are it's a deer walking on the deck. We've had that happen before. I hate when this happens though, I'm going to be parinoid all night. In a fit of fear, I've jammed a chair under the door handle, and I'm not leaving the basement room until I'm sure it's safe. It doesn't help that I'm the only one in the house who's awake, and I don't want to bother alerting my family over a false alarm caused by my ridiculous parinoia....

That would be pretty embarassing.

So today was very eventful! I made a poster for an upcoming show (attendance is manditory if you are reading this) and I am quite pleased with the results! Then I had an interesting piano lesson. Then my night was topped off by enjoying a great date with my beloved wife, Chantal.

Our evening started by me picking her up from work, from which I bought some "veggie" somosas (they were beef, and I nearly swallowed a huge bite of one, but it tasted sick, and I realised it was wrong, so I spat it out and they gave me new, real vegetable ones). Then we proceeded to the new record shop, Meow Records, downtown. We saw Cal and his parents, and had a nice chat with them. They also had a lot of Sufjan Stevens CD's, and vinyl copies of such great hit records as "The Korean Orphan Choir Tours!" A must have, if I do say so myself.

Then we went to Denny's, and had delicious greasy food, and laughed so much at everything that I'm pretty sure everyone withen a four table radius thought we were high. Plus we were really hungry, and ordered meals that would satisfy even the greatest affliction of the munchies.

So after getting in an arguement with a confused waitress who couldn't do simple subtraction in her head, we went to the mall, where we meandered, talked to Trent, bought a Sufjan Stevens' CD, and tried in vain to find Christmas presents for loved ones. This proved fruitless, so we left to go get coffee and then drove to Candycane Lane to look at pretty lights.

The lights were uneventful, so we decided we'd drive downtown and look at hookers because we were out of fun ideas.

This was a bad idea.

We turned on Ferry, and were headed downtown, and ahead of me, I see nothing other than a road block.

Normally, no big deal. Save for two things:

One, my N wasn't displayed. I figure, no big deal, I mean, they'll maybe fine me.


My licence is not really presentable, for obvious reasons.

So we pull up to the cop, roll down my window, and she starts talking to me, asking if I'd been drinking, to see my licence, the usual.

Naomi: Well...m-m-my wallet got stolen a few days ago, and I lost my lisence in the process...

Run of the mill Traffic Cop: why haven't you replaced it?

Naomi: Not enough hours in the day

RotMTC: It's a $138 fine vs. $75 to replace it, you realise?

Naomi: Yes ma'am.

So she asks for my registration, to check if I have an actual licence, and we pull off to the side, to await my inevitable judgement. After what felt like an eternity, she comes back, hands me my registration, and says: "you get to where ever you're going, put your N up, and then get your damned licence as soon as you can."

Biggest releif of my life. Needless to say, first thing on Monday, I'm getting my licence replaced haha.

So Tel and I drove around more, then proceeded to her house to watch hilarious Film 12 projects, and listen to silly punk bands on myspace. Then I drove home, at chinese food, and am now sitting in the basement, listening to "Greeting from Michigan"

But, I hear things outside. I can't sleep, and I'm afraid. I have two performances tomorrow too! I need sleep tonight, so I can get up early tomorrow and practise music.

I think I'll just sit alone, afraid, and write a song. Maybe my sappy sad music will scare off any potential attackers. I'm counting on it.

On a side note, why aren't simple math skills a requirement to work at Denny's? honestly, 24 - 9 = 15. Simple. (I ordered $9 worth of food, had only a $20, and two toonies, I wanted to get rid of my coins, so gave her my $20 and the two toonies, in the hopes of getting $15 in change, so I would have bills to put in the bank...that makes sense, right?) I think so...Very simple. Not to the waitress, though, who somehow thought it equalled me owing her $5. After me trying to explain it to her, I just gave her a $20, and asked for my change. Needless to say, she recieved a small tip. Mostly because I'm cheap.

Okay, upon rereading that, it is confusing, but my point still stands.

I also need sleep.

But I am still refusing to go upstairs.

This is getting confusing. Wish me luck....


xoxo said...

You lost your liscence? Did I miss something?

mitch said...

was the waitress that girl we met that one time we were at dennys.

Naomi said...

I tampered my license, which I'm pretty sure is a federal offence.

and no Mitch, the waitress you're referring to is Katie. I had never encountered this other one before.

jamie bell said...

haha @ Katie being infamous

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