Monday, December 18, 2006


I have a lot of things I easily get used to.

For example, I get used to driving a car that is standard. I'm so used to it, that when I drive a car that isn't manual, I'm constantly still pushing for the clutch and reaching for the gear shift. Sometimes I get worried when I can't find it, and convince myself for short periods of time that I'm going to stall and cause an accident. This usually passes when I realise that I am an idiot.

Another example: For the last two and a half years, I've taught the same children in a house in college heights. At the same time, for the same rate. And every week, once their lessons is complete, I stand in the doorway, and chat with the student's charming mother. I got really used to setting my guitar upright, in it's case, and it staying, upright, in its case, while I chat and tie my shoelaces. It balanced, perfectly. My system was flawless. But, being a genius and forgetting to have my guitar with me today, I borrowed one and commenced with my regular teaching routine. First, the youngist, who meddles with the bass and is currently mastering the song "Hysteria" by Muse, then the oldest, who is currently working on getting John Frusciante's timing down on "I Could Have Lied"

And, like always, I stood in the doorway, tying my shoes, talking to my oldest student, and his mom. I rest my borrowed guitar, in it's case, locked up tight and safe, upright, and I expected it to stand, perfectly balanced, like always. Old Faithful, as it seemed. Til I hear a loud crash, and see the guitar, in case, laying flat, face down.

Okay. Shit. I raise an eyebrow, sigh in discontent and reassure myself that this guitar has gone through worse, and that the case is solid. It's well protected.

Til I get to my next students house, whip the guitar out, start playing a G scale, and realise the A is terribly flat. Upon closer inspection, I notice the neck has a huge crack in it. Right around the 3-4 frets. It curved over the back, along the rounded edge of the previously smooth neck.

Okay. Shit. I raise both my eyebrows and stare, in horror, at what I've managed to do to my friend's beautiful guitar.

And that wasn't even the worst of the bad news I had to break to someone today. Can you tell it's a Monday?

The weekend was eventful though. I bought a new camera. By new I mean its from the middle 60's. A Minolta 7s. It so wonderfully old, heavy, and possibly useless. Though I read some reviews on the internet. Also, Grace and I made a gingerbread house, bought nick-nacks in Value Village, and spent the better part of our Sunday afternoon entertained by the endlessly entertaining Gordon Lucas. Good times were had. We learned a lot about cameras, photography, the woman's right's movement, and his theories on how Jew's funded the holocaust. It was quite a day.

Also, one other thing I've gotten used to: getting random sample packages from the Body Shop every year for Christmas from ALL of my guitar students. I have enough creams, salves, body washes, loufa's, and soups to last me for years to come. It's great...!


mitch said...

1: I love u

mitch said...

2: drunkmess i messed up so drubk i forget the rest of the numbers.Gear shifting that happens ro us all.. Jews?? there okY. BODY SHOP? Corp swll outs. i'm hMMERED RIGHT NOWE,BUTE NAOMIC I LOVE THEE MEDLOIC CAT. safe sex! i <3 you cat

Naomi said...

Oh Mitch. You totally flaked out on me and Josh on Sunday night. It was dissapointing. But I forgive you.

Grace said...

i finally traced the conversation to how it got to the jew rant. womens place in society--> women were the most free in the age of the reformation--> which was completely political and not religious at all--> the shit in the middle east is all religious and not political at all--> while we're on the topic of politics and religion how about that "so called" holocaust--> u know who organized the holocaust? the JEWS!--> they did so with the gay nazi conspirators to wipe out the inferior jews to get more money and elicit world sympathy--> and they're no longer the chosen people only the catholics are--> especailly the polish catholics who incidentally are the smartest nationality in the europe (even though they stuck between germany and russia and cant really govern themselves worth a fuck)--> and europe is the smartest region in the world because they are predominantly catholic!!!

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