Wednesday, November 22, 2006

HEY! You with the face....!

Last couple of days were cool. Highlights included:
  • Killer blizzard that stranded me in town
  • seeing Paul and Chantal and going on an adventure with them that included.....
  • ........going to the XXX store and hurting ourselves laughing at porno film titles.
  • also, while on the topic of the XXX store, LOBSTER CLAW DILDOS AND ANAL BEADS GALORE?!?!
  • Japanese food, and caffeinated beverages became involved in the equation (but only after seeing several movie covers involving elderly lesbians, and hairy hairy fat men that enjoyed sodomy too much. In retrospect, probably a good thing we didn't eat before going to the porn shack. Many things seen on those covers were definetly gag worthy. SO MUCH BACK HAIR, MY GOD)
  • driving around on icy streets, in search of an empty icy parking lot to do e-break slides on while blasting the Aqua Bats at midnight.

And that was just day one!

Day two:

  • Began with waking up at 7:15, after staying up til 3:30 on a caffeine high, trying in vain to convince anyone to go sledding with me.
  • practically freezing my hands to my steering wheel while driving
  • spending 10 hours confined to a small room with Josh, recording, mixing, and myspace whoring.

The results you ask?


I provide this link for your listening pleasure. Please add us, share us, comment, and do what you will with us.

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Castrati said...

oh woops i thought you were just a random band adding me so i denied your friendship WOOP

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