Sunday, November 05, 2006

Phones are awkward, thank God for the internet.

With every passing day, I have begun to notice one irritating fact constantly reaffirming itself like some sort of terrible ulcer:
Having a cell phone would be practical and would probably save me a lot of trouble.

God damnit. I don't want one. I've been putting off getting one quite successfully. It'll be expensive, ridiculously trendy, and just another thing to irritate me with. But even my parents (who were advocates against cell phones from as far back as the early 90's, for their alleged--and according to my parents, proven--cancer causing tendancies) are saying it's a good idea. My Dad seems convinced I'll be constantly using it, arranging drug runs, or calling my crack buddies, or whatever it is he probably thinks I do when I'm not at home, but at least it'd be a way for him to keep tabs on me in the process...!

What probably would wind up happening is, if I got one, I'd have it turned off constantly. Or "lose" it somewhere in my car. Completely accidentally of course. See, I think I prefer being inaccessable. I guess I just like being difficult, but I think not having one does make my life a lot more simple in many respects. Though I'm sure that if, and when, I wind up in a ditch somewhere along the highway of tears I'd appreciate being able to at least attempt to call for help. But I guess I'll burn that bridge when I get to it!

Maybe if I get one, I'll only give my number to like five people. But I'm sure each one of those people knows five more people, and they all in turn, know five more people, and then in less than a week the whole world would have it. Damnit.

Or I'll just start not leaving my house anymore. That'd save me a lot of fuel money. Then I could revert back to the glory days of summers past, when I'd hide in the basement and play bass all day.



Jeremy said...

I think I found something that could qualify as the wrongest thing ever.

xoxo said...

Here's what you do.

1) Buy a pager. So much less expensive and you don't have to sell out. That way, people can call you.

2) Have a sack of quarters with you at all times. I defy you to find me a place where you cannot easily get to a pay phone. Plus, a sack of quarters works great if you happen to be walking down the street and see Jennifer Anniston and need to give her a swift *WADOOSH* to the face. Fuck, I hate her.

T.R. said...

You may as well be starting a meth addiction if you get that phone. I can't leave the house without mine and if I leave it at home and I'm somewhere else, I have to go back for it.

It's your choice. I just want you to be informed.

TheBrandon said...

Alycia, that wadoosh was one of the best wadooshes I've heard in a while. Damn that Jennifer Anniston and her tight sweaters. Get a cell phone...OOOH

Anonymous said...

If you go on a Pay and Talk plan, you can use your phone very sparingly and have an excuse not to talk to people or pick up the phone. AKA, use it as a pager with the ability to call back if needed. Coming from someone who's had his car (both of them) stop working in horribly inconvenient places (and I'm not talking once, I'm talking like once a week for a year), a cell phone is amazingly handy. I don't think it's necessarily trendy any more than a pair of pants are trendy. Sure you can get $700 jeans, but you can get a much cheaper and more efficient pair as well.

Anonymous said...

Oops, that last comment was by Cal :(

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